How-To, DIY Book: "The Complete Guide to Truck Lettering, Pinstriping, and Graphics"

This book is a do-it-yourself step-by-step instruction manual on pinstriping and lettering with nearly 300 color photographs and dozens of stories from the road. Walk through the process with the author's clear dialog and simple explainations, seasoned with a splash of laughter, a cup of insight and years of simmering over an open fire.

You'll find nearly everything you need to know about painted vehicle graphics, along with style, smiles and common sense. Ask for your autographed copy, personally signed to you, at no extra charge. (Does not include relationship or parenting advice!) :o))

(Future book title considerations include: "Cooking with Heat", "Getting a Good Tan with a Flashlight", "How to Get Back from Boston", "Chances Are, Your Sister's Full of Shit" and "Stopping Indecision, OR Should You?"

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